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Alexandra’s baptism

We asked a young couple with a beautiful daughter to give us a comment about their daughter’s baptism, which we edited. Instead, we were given a whole text!

The baptism of our Alexandra

They say that giving birth to your first child makes you see life with another eye!

They are right!

Everything changes. Nothing is the same anymore…

The coming of Alexandra into our lives was the most beautiful we have experienced. This kid is the most important we have achieved!

So it makes sense for her baptism to be an important station for us and an event we wanted to enjoy and enjoy…

And we just wanted that. Not the accessories …

What does this mean…?

We all know very well that organizing even a simple night out at home with friends and some good food is fun, but also quite time-consuming and tedious. If both work, then the degree of difficulty goes up.

And in the case of baptism, the degree of difficulty goes beyond the “permissible limits” that any of us can endure.

Let’s not laugh. We may be parents, but we are not super heroes …

For this reason, since we knew that our free time was not enough to organize our daughter’s baptism on our own, we decided to entrust it to the organizing company “Mathioudakis The Ivent Project”.

From the first moment we felt we were in good hands. The people of the company immediately understood what we wanted. The first thing we told them was that we would like the concept to be related to flowers and Spring, since baptism would take place at this time. The second was that we wanted the decoration and the whole set to be elegant and stylish. We didn’t want any exaggeration …

We didn’t have to say anything else …

The suggestions they sent us, from invitation mockery to church decoration and candy bar, were all in this context. There was no complaining and that’s why we wasted no time … We quickly picked what was most representative of us and the team at “Mathioudakis The Ivent Project” made it work …

Our daughter’s baptism was exactly what we had dreamed of.


Η Βάφτιση Της Αλεξάνδρας


At the Nativity Chapel in Ekali on May 12th at 1:00 pm, we baptized our daughter in a beautiful ceremony with all the people we love.

Inside the church and in the courtyard the decoration was discreetly manor. It smelled of the fragrance of Spring and was in full harmony with the surrounding environment which was also in the spring.

Before and after the ceremony, our guests were served lemonade and sour cherries. At the same time, the children were anxious to finish the mystery, not only to get their bonbonniere (which was a lovely pink windmill) but also to visit the candy bar that was set up as if it were a fairy tale! The pastries (mini cupcakes, cookies, etc.) were delicious as well as delicious… So miss you ..

Next to the candy bar, there was the ice cream cart, which had all the flavors we love in their most sophisticated version. Needless to say there wasn’t even one of our guests who didn’t try …

The atmosphere was light, relaxed and joyful. All of our friends and relatives felt good about enjoying our daughter’s christening with us …

This feeling is the most important we can have as a memory of our child’s baptism. And we owe it not only to friends who were present but also to the company “Mathioudakis”. The baptism of our Alexandra was like a fairy tale …

We, on our part, simply thank you for your comments! If you too want a team of experienced and beautiful ideas to handle the organization of your event, we are at your service!


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