Church decoration

Στολισμός Εκκλησίας

Church decoration

The backdrop of your wedding!


Church decoration can take or ruin a wedding …

You have designed everything! The wedding dress, the costume of the groom, the choice of the right church, the way to get to the church … But if the decoration does not fit the concept you have in mind, then everything can be destroyed. As carefully designed as they are…

The truth is, no matter how beautiful the church or chapel that the wedding will be, decorating it for that special day is very important to reflect the theme and atmosphere you want to create!

Many times a particular church is likely to have some limitations to consider when designing your wedding decoration. It is also important – in order to maintain a common aesthetic – that the decoration of the church is in complete harmony with everything else (wedding dress, groom’s costume, bonbonniere, bridal bouquet, church vehicle).

In any case you need a specialist to help you design your dream scene together!

At Mathioudakis The Event Project, with over 30 years of experience in the field of wedding decoration, we have put together some useful tips to help you choose the right decoration for your wedding.

Church decoration Keep it simple
As much as you want to impress, exaggeration often results in tasteless results. So, whatever style you like and the flowers you want to frame your wedding, it is best not to overdo it. Flowers and decorations should be in the number that will not swallow you, the space and the guests!

Church decoration We can do magic
Use candles! Don’t be scared! This natural illumination, both exterior and exterior, gives the atmosphere magic and romance. What you want is for all your beloved relatives and friends to participate in your fairy tale. Candles are one of your strongest allies in this!

Church Decoration Welcome your guests
From the very entrance of the church – whether you have chosen the metropolis of your city or a picturesque chapel – welcome your guests by placing them immediately in the atmosphere of marriage. Your names written on a wooden plaque or on the cover of your book of common life is a beautiful first impression that will impress.

Dare to be different
There are other flowers besides roses … You can dare to use something different to decorate your wedding. If for example you want to add a more bohemian mood wild flowers are the best. If you still want to have a more romantic mood, choose lavender! There is no limit to the imagination!

Church Decoration Design the path
Create in an imaginative way, a path that will lead your guests to the ceremony and you to the sanctuary to perform the mystery. Use flowers, candles, fabrics… The choices are endless!

Create a frame
A flowered arch below which you will be with your loved one is the best setting for a wedding. It always gives a fairytale air …

Stick to the plan
Don’t forget the style you have chosen for your wedding! Everything must be harmonious!


The most important tip!

Stay relaxed on your wedding day and live every moment!


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