The Baptism of Your Baby

οργάνωση βάφτισης μωρού

The Baptism of Your Baby

The baptism of your baby

Baptizing your baby is one of the highlights of your life and that of your baby. It’s a day you will always remember. The photos and videos will be brought back to remind you of the day you and your loved ones celebrated your son or daughter’s official first.

So you should not let this great event pass you by without organizing it with love and joy. And if you find it difficult or even impossible, it is not at all… At least for those with the right professionals who have the knowledge and experience to lead them in the right direction.

You will surely be wondering what this direction is and what is the key to the sure success of baptism

The decoration that will be based on the theme you choose!

This is the key to success!

Candidate subjects can be many. Listed below are some options that can inspire you to decorate:

The flower of your choice

This is a topic that usually suits most girls. It diffuses romance into the atmosphere and gives an air of another era. It fits into baptisms that we want to have a retro dimension.

The fruit of your choice

Lemons, cherries, strawberries and other fruits can be an ideal theme in a christening giving a happy and artistic mood. It is suitable for baptisms in the countryside and especially during the summer months.

Disney heroes

A favorite theme for many baptisms. It gives a playful tone to the atmosphere and the kids adore it! You can select it all season.

The color you love

Choosing the color that you think suits your baby is enough to give you the tone you want! This color will be used as a canvas for everything surrounding baptism.

Decorative patterns – elements

Bows, knots, neckties, anchors, crowns, starfish etc. Imagination has no limits…

Whatever theme you choose, this will be the basis for the decoration of the baptism. If for example you have chosen sunflower as your theme, all baptism will be based on it. From the invitation card and the bonbonniere to the swimming pool decoration.

The golden rule of simplicity is central to this type of decoration and it is therefore important to choose one theme and not more. This will guide us in the choices of colors and even textures. What does this mean; If for example the theme of baptism is nautical, then the sails used in the decoration will be canvas. Correspondingly, a paper with a rougher texture will be selected for the invitation card.

The proper choice of decoration theme depends several times on the place where the baptism will take place. If, for example, baptism takes place on an island, then the subject must be a marine element or pattern. On the contrary, we would not choose such a mountain village.

Whatever you choose from the Mathioudakis team is here to help you with the experience of organizing a baptism that everyone will remember!


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