Where will your wedding take place?

Που θα γίνει ο γάμος σου

Where will your wedding take place?

He made a suggestion and you said “yes”! You are now on a pink bubble and everything around you is colorful!

However, in order not to fall out of your cloud, it is a good idea to have a specialist next to you who will help you keep this cool mood and organize it all at the same time. So as you have dreamed.

Having organized many weddings, we can help put your thinking in order and guide you so that everything is done accurately and as easily as possible for you.

The first thing you should do is decide where your marriage will take place! This decision will depend on a number of factors to consider:

Wedding guests
It is important to make a list of who you want to call. The number of guests will give you a first look at how your wedding will be shaped. If, for example, your guests do not want to be over 30, you can choose a nice chapel and then go with your favorite friends to a simple little shop to have a party to celebrate this important day. But if your guests are 100, 150 or more, then you immediately forget anything small … You need a regular church and a large space that can serve all these people!

Wedding budget
Many couples come to us without calculating the budget for their wedding. If you want your marriage to be out of place, then the cost will go up. You should also calculate travel and subsistence expenses for you and your circle. So immediately the budget changes. Also, depending on where you want the party or reception to take place, the costs will also go up. So the money you want to spend is a great base to see what you can and cannot do. This way you will avoid the ugly feeling of being out of budget without understanding it.

Wedding style
It is good to have in mind the style of marriage you enjoy and have dreamed about for you and your partner. Maybe, you’ve never been in this process again. Our experts here at Mathioudakis the Event Project can help you choose. This is very important because it also determines the place where the wedding will take place. If you want your wedding to be traditional, then you will not choose a church. If the style you want is more bohemian, then it would be great to have the wedding outdoors with the couple standing under a blooming arch. The aesthetics you want to have on this day will lead us to the place.


Που θα γίνει ο γάμος

What will you ultimately decide?
Given all of the above, you realize that the decision on where to marry depends on many factors to consider together. We are here to listen to you and organize your wedding day according to your wishes and dreams. Our goal is to help you live the most beautiful day of your new life. We will give you solutions that respond to your “want” and “can”. Contact us and book an appointment to discuss and solve any questions!


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