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The Right Bridal Bouquet For You!

All brides think that choosing the right bridal bouquet is simple. Something that will not take them long to choose.

Actually, it’s not like choosing a wedding dress … But they need some tips to not get lost among the flowers …

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the bouquet that will take off your bridal look:

Pick the bridal bouquet that highlights your silhouette

A petite bride would do well to keep a small, round bouquet. A discreet bouquet is one that will not lose it and will not neutralize it.

A tall bride could hold a more massive bouquet. Or something that will have a thinner effect like a narrow bouquet. The result will be in harmony with her body.

The more juicy figures, it is advisable to choose an equally maximalist bouquet to make the whole look impressive.


Νυφική Ανθοδέσμη


Choose the bridal bouquet that fits your wedding dress

Choosing the bouquet according to your body type is not enough to be successful. Choosing the right bouquet that will suit your bridal gown is paramount.

For example, an elaborate and particularly striking dress should be accompanied by a more minimalist bouquet. So the end result is elegant and not noisy. If on the other hand the wedding dress is simple and simple, you have the opportunity to choose a bouquet that will be more impressive.

Equally important is the wedding dress line. If that is, the skirt of the wedding dress is inflatable, then aesthetically an elongated bouquet would look better, balancing the end result. But if the wedding dress has a straight line then perhaps a bouquet of a more rounded shape would look more beautiful and fit the overall picture.


Νυφική Ανθοδέσμη


Choose the bridal bouquet that fits your wedding style

In addition to all of the above that you should definitely consider before choosing your bridal bouquet, it is very important to consider whether it fits your wedding style.

If, for example, your wedding is in the metropolis of your city in a full formal setting, it would not be particularly fitting for your bouquet to have cornbread as the latter are ideal for a boho-style wedding on an islet or any other urban landscape.

Similarly, a vintage wedding would ideally fit a bouquet of pink roses in pastel shades. Roses always give a touch of romance and an air of another era.

The bridal bouquet options are endless!

Every woman has the ideal bridal bouquet that will highlight both the same and the whole ceremony. And if all of the above haven’t helped you enough to decide what you want to be your own bridal bouquet, you need not worry.

At “Mathioudakis” you will find the right people to help you choose from a wide range of options.

Each flower is a separate world and choosing the right flowers for your bouquet is a process that the people of the company have turned into art.

If you are also looking for the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding or need ideas for decorating your wedding table and wedding car, we would be happy to welcome you to our store in Nea Smyrni, 49 Agia Fotini, or call us at 210 931820 we provide you with any information you need!


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