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Proper Wedding Planning

Proper wedding planning

You’re at your favorite restaurant. Across from you is the man who changed your life. Today he looks at you differently than other times… He’s a little nervous too… He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a velvety little box…

Yes, it’s what you imagine! The man of your dreams is kneeling in front of you, looking at you with his penetrating gaze full of love and has just asked you to be his wife…! So create a proper wedding organization.

Everything from now on will be completely different. Nothing can spoil this wonderful period that is just beginning. Or can it?

Below you will find a list of the most common mistakes that prospective couples make during their wedding preparation. Make sure to avoid them in order to avoid the pink cloud you are now and create a proper wedding organization.

  • Do not set budget

Nobody wants to talk about money but unfortunately this is a stage that you can’t get past. So see with your loved one what amount you want to spend, always keeping in mind what is important to you and what is not. Once you have set the budget try to stick to it because no one wants to start their married life in debt!

  • You do not ask for help

By trying to do everything yourself, you will have everything under control but there is a risk of overworking. ? Rest assured that your friends and family will be very happy to help you and be there to run around when you need them. Don’t forget to have fun at this such a wonderful time of your life and unburden yourself of the people you love and who love you.

  • You try to thank everyone

It is certain that with the announcement of your engagement, everyone will have an opinion on everything. From your wedding dress to where the reception will take place. Your parents will want to invite the whole family, your friends will know exactly what suits you and so on… This doesn’t stop anywhere… You need to set your boundaries from the beginning and not let anyone influence you. It’s your marriage and you have to do it the way you want to do it.

  • You are exaggerating

In trying to plan the perfect wedding, you may be overdoing it both in terms of decorations and bonfonfections. This is likely to be not because you have no taste, but because you are stressed and want everything to be perfect. For this reason, don’t forget the foolproof rule! Keep it simple… The simpler, the more confident and tasteful!

  • You are choosing the wrong photographer

It may sound “far-fetched” but it is the truth. The photographer is the one who will capture one of the most beautiful moments of your life and that’s why it’s important to have the right one. See his work before you decide and show him the style you like so you won’t be surprised!

  • Forget to be a couple

As stressful as the process of planning your wedding is, you should never forget that you are a couple. You are the reason this is happening! Don’t forget to have fun and whenever you have free time, do everything you love to do together! Enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey!

  • You do not ask for the help of experts

Sometimes things may be so difficult that an expert is needed. At Mathioudakis you will find the perfect ally to help you plan your wedding with greater ease leaving you with more free time.


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