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Weekend Wedding

Let’s not kid ourselves… One day is never enough. Think of a whole weekend dedicated to your wedding! All your loved ones gathered in a beautiful setting, with relaxed activities that will bring you closer together. We’re basically talking about a 2-day weekend of food, drinks and non-stop fun!
No one would say no!

But to do it successfully, you need to follow some steps to make sure you don’t leave anything to chance

1) Find the right place

We are in Greece! This in itself means that you have infinite choices of places and venues.
Wherever and if you want to have your wedding, you can choose from a variety of alternatives that cover every financial possibility and every mood. On an island or in mainland Greece, you can organize the ultimate wedding weekend!

2) Find hotels

Since your dream is to have all your people around you for your wedding weekend, it is best not to leave them to their own devices to search for hotels and availability. Make sure you have made arrangements in advance with one or two hotels or accommodations that will be available for your people. Your guests should not be inconvenienced!

3) Take care of your guests

Arrange with the hotel to have drinks waiting for them on arrival, leave a handwritten welcome in their room and give them a warm welcome from the moment they arrive.

4) Give them instructions

Ideally, create a wedding website and upload all the useful information your guests need. From a list of local attractions to itineraries and each day’s schedule.

5) Break the ice

Start the weekend with an activity that will break the ice between your guests.
For example, organize a relaxation treatment and a pre wedding party that will help everyone get to know each other and on the wedding day everyone will be together!

6) Organise activities

Enable your friends and family to participate in activities you have organised. For example, if the wedding takes place in a place that is close to an archaeological site, organise a guided tour. It is also advisable to organise some activities for your younger guests who should not be left out. A special educator who will keep them creatively occupied is the ideal plan!

7) Seek help from the experts

All of the above ideas and suggestions are great, but they cannot be implemented by the bride and groom. You need help! You want someone who will have overall oversight of everything and leave nothing to chance. Essentially, you need a whole team who will be in charge of talking to the vendors, hoteliers, photographers and generally take general oversight of the whole weekend leaving you to just relax and enjoy your wedding with your friends and family. This way, you will have only pleasant memories
of your wedding!