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What does wedding planning involve?

It’s time to organize your wedding!

Joy, excitement and impatience are some of the emotions that overwhelm you!

But at the same time you are very stressed out! How are you going to prevent all this? Where should you start? What are the priorities?

There is so much in your mind and everything must be done …

Do not panic! The end of the world has not come and you are not alone!

In this enjoyable and demanding journey you have to do there are experts who can help you put your thoughts in order …

The Mathioudakis wedding planning team undertakes to complete all stages of your marriage. From the conception of the idea to its implementation.

And if you are wondering what exactly a wedding planner might include, below you will find a detailed list of all the steps that can help you:

Perhaps the most basic stage of the wedding process is choosing the style you want the mystery to be and the events that will precede or follow it. Many couples have not even thought about it, but this is one of the most important stages that will give the wedding the mark. In this first stage, the people who will organize your wedding, through a conversation they will have with the couple, will propose the appropriate style that suits the aesthetics of both to design the next steps.

After choosing the style, the next step in the wedding planning is to determine the budget as each decision will depend on it. The people at Mathioudakis know that hidden charges can be found and can help you stay away from your original budget.

Pre – Wedding events
More and more couples are choosing to host a pre-wedding event that is an opportunity to enjoy with their friends and loved ones the day before the big event. And this event wants special care and people to work with it to be successful. So planning your wedding can include that!

Invitations & thank you cards
A particularly important part of organizing a wedding is choosing the right invitation card. The latter is a first idea to give your guests what to follow. The Mathioudakis team will offer you the appropriate invitation card, designing your mock-up and printing it on paper to highlight it. The same will be true for thank you cards, freeing you from the hassle of looking out for yourself and getting offers from companies that print and design.

Styling option
If you decide that your wedding will be organized by professionals, nothing will be left to chance. So the choice of bridal dress and costume, bridal hairstyle, makeup and anything related to the bride and groom’s image will be made by an experienced team who will pick the best choices and present them to the couple to choose from. who wishes.

Adornment, bridal bouquet & bonbonniere
The decoration of the church and the event, the bridal bouquet and the bonbonniere are part of the wedding organized by Mathioudakis. And in this case the couple will choose from the suggestions of experts who will be in line with the concept of marriage. Imagination is the most important component. This is always employed so that the result is always impressive and unusual. No one wants a boring marriage …

The choice of church and events
Part of the wedding concept is the choice of church and venue. The people at Mathioudakis Wedding Organization have a long list of places that can cover your wedding. The final choice is always yours, but following our guidance in accordance with the instructions you have given us.

Photographic Coverage
A picture is a thousand words. The death of your marriage must convey the atmosphere we have created. So choosing the right photographer is very important as working with the couple will be immediate. The Mathioudakis wedding planning team owns a large list of photographers for each wedding and couple style. What remains is to choose!

3 reasons to choose the Mathioudakis wedding planning team.

We want to make your life easier by proposing solutions that meet your needs
We run for you because we know your time is valuable

We love what we do!


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